Deployment and development of webMethods integration for ZSSK, a.s.

Fabrici Management Consulting has implemented integration platform for Slovak Railways. The initiative took seven years (2012 – 2017). This initiative covered complete installation and of webMethods technology stack, the Integration Environment Configuration and Development of various Integration Scenarios from batch to on-line, supporting Information systems data exchange, Master Data Management, on-line data processing for WEB/mobile distribution channels and many others.

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Order management in ZSSK, a.s.

Fabrici Management Consulting delivered Automated Business Process of Order Management for Slovak Railways. The Business Process has been automated using Metasonic BPM Engine that uses new S-BPM methodology for automation of Business processes. The Business process covers complex network of processes and sub-processes related to internal and/or external ordering process as a basis for procurement of goods and services for Slovak Railways.

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