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Outsourcing the Call Center in Telco Business

Samart Telecommunications (Samart Corporation Group) – the technology provider of communication and information products and services in Thailand – created the Business Case for outsourcing the infrastructure and operations of the Call Centre for large Telecom providers – Thai Mobile, Telecom of Thailand and Thai Orange.

In order to succeed, Samart had to act quickly to prove the ability to take over the Call Centre Operations from Telecom providers. The business request was to set-up the Call Centre unit for each Telecom provider with different Service Level Agreement and Quality-of-Service requirements while operated on shared infrastructure and integrated with different Information Systems of specific Telecom Operators.

The NYSE commented the implementation as the fasts CRM deployment into production.

Michal Fabrici, Senior Consultant in Fabrici Management Consulting was a part of the implementation team participating on the Clarify CRM fat client customization in the first phase and fully responsible for the thin client implementation in the second phase.

Business Analysis

Samart had designed the Business Architecture (Call Centre Organization – Business Processes, Business Rules) of the Call Centre that assured the Agents will act according detailed designed Business Scenarios.

Technology choice

Furthermore, Samart had decided to set-up the Call Centre using the Genesys Technology – proven “best-of-class” Contact Centre solution with CTI capabilities, IVR and other important features. Samart had understood the only way to achieve the QoS requested was to support the Call Centre Operations with CRM Package and they had chosen Clarify CRM.

Implementation approach

In order to deliver the solution quickly two-phased approach of the CRM System implementation had been chosen:

Phase One – Implementation of the “out-of-the-box” solution with minimal scope of customizations to minimize the time-to-launch

  • Language localization,
  • CTI Integration,
  • Data Migration to CRM System,
  • User Training,

Phase Two – Customization of the CRM Solution,

  • “Operational Experience” based Customization Requirements,
  • Implementation of the Thin-Client for WEB based eShop access,
  • Integration with Billing Systems of each Telecom Provider.

Samart signed a contract with Amdocs as the Solution System Integrator. The Implementation project started on 15th September 2002 according to the above mentioned plan – rapid set-up and deployment to launch the operational solution as soon as possible.

The first phase delivered the operational solution that had been launched on the 1st December 2002 – that means the solution time-to-launch was less than three months and was labeled as the fastest CRM launch.

In the end of January 2003 – the Project Team finished the implementation and testing and launched the second phase of the solution – fat client customizations and the WEB based thin client.

  • The solution had been operated by 300 Call Centre Agents – one hundred for each Telecom Provider,
  • the solution delivered integration with three different billing systems according to the Telecom Provider,
  • The Clarify CRM functionality implemented covered the Sales, Support, Call Centre, eShop and Single View on Customer.

Implementation Team

The CRM Project Team consisted of seven CRM Consultants and two Genesys experts at the implementation peak of the first phase.

In the second phase the project team consisted of CRM consultants exclusively where five of them had implemented the customizations of the Clarify fat client (ClearBasic) and two of them had implemented and customized the Clarify thin client that was implemented for the first time (version Clarify 11.5.1) all over the world.

Localization and testing

For those who have already been in touch with Thai alphabet and its computer representation is clear how complex was the task of the localization of the solution. First of all – the weak knowledge of the English language of the employees of Samart had made the communication with the Samart representatives and users difficult enough. Moreover, the translation of the CRM phrases and labels together with testing approach of “guessing of the functionality by remembering the English version and the English test data” sounds funny now but not that time in Bangkok.

Thin Client

The most challenging part of the implementation was the thin client customization since the technology had not been mature enough that time and the engineering support from US was more than inadequate.

The Solution IT Architecture was very complex (mixture of the technologies - Java Server Pages with huge volume of XML, Servlets, JavaBeans, C++ objects accessing the Database with callable JNI interfaces to be called from the JavaBeans Components). Moreover, the results of the customizations very often dubious. The implementation Team had to apply certain technology workarounds to implement features required.

WebMethods Integration

Integration of the CRM Solution with the other Back-End Systems had been complex part of the implementation project too. The WEB Services technology was in the beginning, Architecture of the Clarify CRM and its programming language ClearBasic (VisualBasic like) had made it complicated enough to implement, test and deploy messaging-oriented integration based on the webMethods technology.


Despite all difficulties the Implementation Project finished successfully. The crucial factor of the success was well designed strategy as a base for the quick implementation - two main points are worth to emphasize:

  • Existing Business Model and organization readiness before implementation kick-off,
  • Deployment of the CRM Package "out-of-the=box" into production (minimal customizations), customizations of the CRM System as a result of real operational needs.

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