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Clarify CRM@Samart - Implementation difficulties
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Localization and testing

For those who have already been in touch with Thai alphabet and its computer representation is clear how complex was the task of the localization of the solution. First of all – the weak knowledge of the English language of the employees of Samart had made the communication with the Samart representatives and users difficult enough. Moreover, the translation of the CRM phrases and labels together with testing approach of “guessing of the functionality by remembering the English version and the English test data” sounds funny now but not that time in Bangkok.

Thin Client

The most challenging part of the implementation was the thin client customization since the technology had not been mature enough that time and the engineering support from US was more than inadequate.

The Solution IT Architecture was very complex (mixture of the technologies - Java Server Pages with huge volume of XML, Servlets, JavaBeans, C++ objects accessing the Database with callable JNI interfaces to be called from the JavaBeans Components). Moreover, the results of the customizations very often dubious. The implementation Team had to apply certain technology workarounds to implement features required.

WebMethods Integration

Integration of the CRM Solution with the other Back-End Systems had been complex part of the implementation project too. The WEB Services technology was in the beginning, Architecture of the Clarify CRM and its programming language ClearBasic (VisualBasic like) had made it complicated enough to implement, test and deploy messaging-oriented integration based on the webMethods technology.



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